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Need to obtain your car licence?

We have a professional team of trainers & assessors with a positive and patient manner to support you to obtain your car licence upgrade.

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Car Upgrade Learners to Provisional Licence

VORT - What is involved?

  • Lesson training with our VORT trainers (can train with any of our instructors- you don’t have to train with the same instructor each lesson)
  • Training consists of practicing the 5 slow speed manoeuvres: u-turn, hill start, angle park, 3-point turn, reverse parallel park & general safe driving skills & sequences
  • When your instructor provides positive feedback and you are ready and you are feeling confident to attempt a VORT test you can book a test with one of our VORT accredited tester’s (must be a different instructor than you have trained with)

See more information in your ‘driving companion’ on pages: 9, 35, 36, 37.

CBT&A - What is involved?

  • Lessons consist of competency based training & assessment signing off the yellow section in the back of your ‘driving companion’
  • During each lesson your instructor will sign off tasks in your logbook as you complete them correctly
  • All the lessons are completed with the same instructor including the final drive assessment

See more information in your ‘driving companion’ on pages: 9, 38-74.

Free Keys 2 Drive 1 Hour Lesson

The Keys2drive lesson is funded by the Commonwealth Government.

The free lesson goes for 60 minutes, during which the Keys2drive accredited driving instructor will explain the Keys2drive learning approach – ‘Find Your Own Way’ – and offer examples of how it can be used when learning to drive. The remaining lesson time includes a practical demonstration of these skills being used and taught and you will be driving.

The Keys2drive free lesson is not intended to replace normal driving lessons rather, it should complement them by empowering learner drivers to ‘Find Their Own Way’ to becoming safer drivers.

Learner drivers will receive training in the best ways to practice, helping them gain the confidence they need to prepare for safe P plate driving and beyond. Parents/supervisors will come away with tools to help their learner drivers achieve a good foundation for lifelong safe driving.

Apply for your free driving lesson here:

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