Car Licence Provisional (Ps)

If you would like to progress from your learners licence to obtain your provisional car licence.


Eligibility Requirements

To be able to obtain your P1 licence you'll need to:
- Hold a learner's permit for at least 12 months or six months If you're 25 or over;
- Complete at least 75 hours of supervised driving (including 15 at night);
- Pass the Hazard Perception Test (complete this at your local Service SA Centre)
- Successfully pass practical training/assessment (VORT or CBT&A)

Course Outline

- Training & Assessment via one of these methods: VORT & CBT&A
- See red pages of your ‘driving companion’ about VORT (Vehicle On Road Test)
VORT = Training lessons with a MDI (Motor Driving Instructor) and when ready attempt a VORT with a Authorised Examiner (Must be a different instructor to which you have trained with).
- See yellow pages of your ‘driving companion’ about CBT&A (Competency Based Training & Assessment)
CBT&A = Training & Assessment with a CBT&A Authorised Examiner (stay with same instructor the whole way) - sometimes this method is referred to as 'logbook' training.
- Basic Car Care Course with both practical & classroom training.
Delivered by our qualified Light Vehicle Mechanic Trainer.
Add this course to your learning to supplement your skills to ensure you are driving a safe vehicle!
- FREE 1 hour keys2drive lesson also available to all learners.
Must be a new learner driver to obtain this lesson and be able to bring a supervisor with you.
Apply and view eligibility for this lesson here:

How To Book

- Contact our office on 8821 3340
- Payment required at time of booking to secure dates & times

- Provide keys2drive booking ID/FLID at time of booking to claim FREE 1 hour lesson

What To Bring/Wear

- Current Drivers Licence
- Enclosed comfortable shoes (eg. sneakers - not thongs or heavy steel cap boots)

Payment Options

Payments can be made:
- At our office
- Via EFT/bank transfer
- Credit card over the phone
- Add to cart on this website
- Afterpay: get what you want today, pay it in four instalments, always interest-free.
- Openpay: select a fortnightly payment plan between 2 to 6 months (customer limits apply)

Cancellation/Rescheduling/Refund Policy

When a service is cancelled by Accustom a full refund of fees may apply, if this is the case participants will be notified of alternative opportunities.

Where a participant fails to attend without notifying Accustom at least 72 hours (3 full business days) prior to the service commencing, there may be no refund or the ability to re-schedule the service.

Management can offer a re-scheduling fee depending on the service and timeframe.

Accustom are unable to accept responsibility for changes to personal circumstances.

Some fees are non-refundable after payment, if resources have been provided (e.g. training kits posted/testing transaction fees).

Refunds for special circumstances are made at the discretion of Company Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you only receive competency after demonstrating the required training & assessment standards. Our package hours are guides only and our pricing guides include the prices per hour for if/when extra hours of training may be required.

Students choose both for varied reasons. We have a downloadable information in ‘packages’ showing reasons why students choose each method below (see downloads section below). If still unsure phone our office to discuss these options with our staff.

VORT: re-attempt your VORT after 14 days if you are an Australian learners permit or 3 days if you hold an international permit. CBT&A: re-attempt your final assessment after 3 days. We always recommend more training/lessons prior to your next attempt at your test/assessment.

No, We supply a fleet of Auto transmission vehicle’s with a brake pedal on the instructors side to ensure safety & control.










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